How Accessorising Can Take Your Summer Party Style To The Next Level

Oh, summer!

The season of parties, sun-kissed skin and clear blue skies is all fun and games until you need to accessorise your look and you come to a screeching halt.

What to pair with what? Would an oversized hat look good with a statement necklace? And, more importantly, how many accessories is *too* many?

Well, you can cut down on mirror time with these quick tips:

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The Rule Of One

Go big or go home, right?

When accessorising your summer look, you might want to avoid piling on everything from hats, belts and sunglasses to earrings, bracelets and necklaces.  Because 1) the result will be cluttered and 2) they’ll weigh you down (especially if you spend time outside in the heat).

The solution? A single, statement accessory to rule them all.

No, not a ring. A bracelet. Like this:

Photo credit: The Ivory Diary

Get the look:

The Lynx & the Hare Bracelet

Style Your Jewellery In New, Unexpected Ways

Just because it’s called a necklace doesn’t mean it can only go around your neck.

You can try wearing your necklaces as head pieces, bracelets or, if they’re long enough, even as belts. 

Or, even easier: pair a low-back top with your favourite pendant necklace by flipping the front to the back. Simple!

Photo credit: My Showroom Blog
Get the look:


Balance Out Prints With Minimalistic Jewellery

You know what they say… less is more. That’s particularly true when it comes to accessorising prints.

In general, bold prints are best complemented by simple jewellery. 

Think: stackable rings to adorn your every finger or a pair of simple drop earrings.

Then throw on a pair of sunglasses and you’re ready to go!

Photo credit: BangBangBlond 

It’s all about the details: a simple ring and a charm necklace.

Photo credit: BangBangBlond
Get the look:
The Little Heart Stackable 

Toughen up a cute print dress with a leather moto jacket. And add some pearl earrings:

Photo credit: My Showroom Blog
Get the look:
Have fun mixing and matching!
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