Embrace The Rainbow: Fine Jewellery Pieces In Every Colour

Embrace The Rainbow: Fine Jewellery Pieces In Every Colour

Colour is the key component to jewellery design and a major factor when it comes to first impressions. It’s the top feature everyone notices when looking at a new piece.

And when it’s time to pick from your daily jewellery wardrobe, colour is just as defining. Whether you choose pieces that accessorise your look or you let jewellery lead the way and relegate the outfit to a supporting role, colour is always the decisive factor, as it conveys meaning, emotion and mood…

MFJ Rainbow: Pink

The colour that has become a favourite with millennials everywhere, pink is most often associated with youth, playfulness and a certain feeling of softness. In our designs, we enjoy working with pale pink opals, subtle morganites and bright pink tourmalines. Irresistible!

No. 1 Ring

MFJ Rainbow: Violet

Also known as the colour of royalty, violet has come to convey a feeling of luxury and sophistication. When paired with 18ct yellow gold, our violet gemstones gain an even bolder aura and become the ideal statement pieces.

Purple-Blue Hued Spinel Ring

MFJ Rainbow: Blue

A strong primary colour, blue represents wisdom and stability. Impossible to ignore, it is the perfect hue for statement and everyday pieces alike, always ready to capture you in its depth.

Aquamarine Duet Ring by McFarlane Fine Jewellery

Aquamarine Duet Ring

MFJ Rainbow: Yellow

Could this be the most jubilant colour of the rainbow? Bright and cheerful, yellow reminds us of sunshine, optimism and all that is good in the world. It’s impossible to look at our lemon citrine pieces and not feel inspired:

Lemon Citrine Duet Ring by McFarlane Fine Jewellery

Lemon Citrine Duet Ring

MFJ Rainbow: Green

Fresh, lively and grounding, green is a frequent cast in our jewellery creations. So much so, that gemstones of this colour appear in our collections in multiple hues, textures and combinations. Tsavorites, malachites, prasiolites and tourmalines - they’re all ready to dazzle you with their splendour.


Emerald Studs & Tsavorite Earring Pendants

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