Is Statement Jewellery Making A Comeback?

All sources considered, yes.

And here’s why:

The last few seasons have subtly marked a transition from ubiquitous chokers and minimalistic earrings to bold necklaces and larger-than-life hoops.

It must be something in the summer air… or just the fact that nothing looks as good with a tan as a statement sparkler.

Photo credit: @theivorydiary wearing The Lynx & The Hare bracelet.

Let’s take a closer look at the evidence:

The Shift In Silhouette

We’ll put it bluntly: statement earrings will RULE the 2017 Spring/Summer season.

Tiptoeing the line between intricate works of art and oversized, but with cleaner silhouettes, there’s a pair out there that will do everyone justice.

And hey, if over-the-top ear candy is not your thing, no worries: go for a pair of oversized hoops. Simple, classic and instantly wearable.

Gold Heart Hoops

The Length Factor

With chokers slowly on their way out, finer and longer necklaces are stepping in to fill the void.

Want to hop on board this trend before everyone else does?

Read all about how to pair small, delicate necklaces here.

The Undeniable Charm Of Bold Rings

A statement ring will always look good, no matter the season.

So you just know that investing in a new piece will be rewarding.

Looking for your next eye-catcher? Here are a few timeless rings that you can wear time and time again, starting this summer:

L-R: Beehive Peridot Ring, Lollipop Sapphire Ring, Pink Sapphire Ring

When In Doubt, Go The Fine Jewellery Route

Fine jewellery will always be IN.

And the beauty of summer is that your precious pieces won’t get buried under countless layers of knits and coats.

So let them catch the sun and shine, shine, shine!

The Lovely Bones

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