What DOES Statement Jewellery Actually Mean?

What DOES Statement Jewellery Actually Mean?

Ever wondered what the “statement” part in statement jewellery actually means? Here is a short and quick guide to help you decide.

The rule of thumb is that, if the first thing people notice about you is your jewellery, then it most definitely is a statement piece. For example, a large and intricate necklace worn with bare shoulders creates a visual impact that’s instantly registered by those around you. Likewise, a bright red cocktail ring worn with a white power suit will prompt covert glances that you’ll pick up smilingly.

In short, statement is the opposite of subtle. It is colourful, large or decidedly intricate and it’s the most curated, tasteful and effortless way of staying in the spotlight.

The Meaning Of Statement Jewellery: Colour

Statement jewellery is all about visibility, about the ability to attract wandering looks. So it needs to create stark contrasts: bright and colourful gems with a pastel-coloured outfit or strong, dark jewellery with a white t-shirt or dress. This much is self-evident.

The key is to pick a saturated colour and wear enough of it so that the contrast is easily noticeable and that it reads intentional.

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The Meaning Of Statement Jewellery: Shape

This side of statement jewellery has its roots in punk rock: mix-and-matched safety pins, braided chains of all sizes or an all-round clash of brooches and pendants in what looks like a mess but is, in fact, a structured visual feast. Gradually, the style has transitioned into fine jewellery as well.

Figurative shapes are always open to interpretation and they’re bound to stir the interest of the persons you interact with. Is there a meaning behind that jewellery piece? Are you wearing a new trend? The reasons - if any at all - are your own, of course. But the beauty of it is that statement jewellery gives you a primed audience if you ever choose to share them.   

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The Meaning Of Statement Jewellery: Size, Volume And… Quantity

Here as well, the guideline is clarity of intention. The default is to choose large, visually present pieces and wear them with flat or flowy (but not voluminous) outfits. Of course, size is a relative attribute, so what qualifies as large? For earrings, it’s anything larger than a couple of centimetres. For rings, it’s anything that covers a significant part of your finger. Broadly speaking, anything that is bigger than the norm in the category can be considered statement jewellery.


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But here’s the twist: you can wear dainty jewellery in a statement way. Test out your curating abilities and wear as many thin pieces at once as good taste allows. Create a bold look by decking your hands in dainty rings and layering multiple fine chain necklaces. Or opt for clear asymmetry and stack one of your arms in beaded bracelets and leave the other bare. Anything to achieve that careful imbalance that will make you the star in the room.

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