How To Style Small Gold Diamond Hoop Earrings

How To Style Small Gold Diamond Hoop Earrings

There aren’t many jewellery pieces whose role is as well defined as that of small gold hoop earrings. Their barely-there visual footprint makes it look like you’re not even trying - and, in all truthfulness, you really aren’t.

They’re incredibly versatile and comfortable, but also unapologetically chic all by themselves. Which makes them ideal for elevating casual outfits and adding a little something to elegant ones.

How you choose to wear them is up to you…

Rock Them Solo

White sneakers, baggy jeans and a bold lip. Pencil skirt, silk shirt and a messy bun. Sweater dress and a no-make-up make-up look. The small gold diamond hoop earrings work with everything.

And no extra jewellery is required - the array of diamonds catching every ray of light as you move your head is all it takes to make you feel perfectly polished.

In A Stack

Shop the look:

And while no extra jewellery is required, that doesn’t mean no extra jewellery is allowed - these earrings are so compact, there is room for more. Whether you have multiple piercings or you’re just going for cuffs, keep this in mind: rather than matching the characteristics of your small gold diamond hoops, look for different colours, proportions or textures.

The diamonds pack a punch with their unmatched sparkle. And the array of tiny golden settings creates a granular feel. So the smoothness of a simple cuff and the concentrated intensity of a huggy provide the perfect aesthetic balance.

Think In Pairs

After experimenting with various combinations, you may find that you prefer wearing the small gold diamond hoops with something in particular, whether it be a cuff, a dangle earring or a colourful stud.

That’s because of what it says about you: I’m this, but also that. Result-driven and always cheerful. Down-with-whatever, but super into it. Stern, but only until tea time.

This new-found pairing can become your everyday staple and the centrepiece of your curated jewellery wardrobe.

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