The Hottest Jewellery Trend Right Now

Sometimes the simplest of trends are also the most visually appealing.

And this season, it’s all about small, delicate necklaces.


At a first glance, you wouldn't necessarily say that pieces this subtle could be statement makers. But don’t let their fine chains and dainty pendants fool you: whether layered together or worn separately, they’re THE pieces to have right now. If "it" girls, fashion bloggers and socialites are all on board, it is definitely the trend to watch out for this season!

Here’s a quick intro:

One At A Time

The classic, easy way to wear the trend is to start small, with only one necklace at a time.

Allow it to stand out on its own against bare-shoulder breezy dresses and espadrilles - almost invisible from a distance, the necklace will catch the sunlight at just the right time to elevate your look.


Layer A Few Together

Ah, this is where the fun begins. For a fun, dynamic look, mix a few of the daintiest necklaces you can find.

Bonus points if they have different kinds of pendants, textures and finishes. The more the merrier: you can’t really overdo it. If possible, line them up and have them hanging at different lengths in a progressive sequence.

As for the styling options, try pairing your necklaces with beat up jeans and a T-shirt or a white linen shirt - the result will be amazing!

Here are a few lucky pairings you can try:

The "Quote Un-Quote" Layered Necklace Set


Angel Charm Necklace + Little Chilli Necklace


Short Collar Bone Necklace + The B'Os Necklace

But Keep An Eye On Quality

One final note?

Make sure that, whichever necklaces you end up choosing, they’re made of real materials. This way, you’ll avoid having to deal with any weird green stains, especially now that the sun-sea-sand season is almost upon us.

Have fun mixing and matching!


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