Forecast: This Will Be The Most Popular Jewellery Style For Summer 2019

Our prediction for the most popular jewellery style in 2019 is: nature.

Nature in all forms, colours and shapes: from the bohemian shells, flowers and leaves to the more serious and intricate bugs and insects. The trend has already started manifesting and we expect that it will have gained full traction with fashionistas and jewellery connoisseurs by summer 2019.

This is, of course, a resurfacing of the predominant jewellery style of the 80s. But this time around, it’s coming back with noticeable contemporary edits in terms of aesthetics and functionality. 

The Aesthetics

While using the same types of motifs as in the 80s, the 2019 jewellery style heavily favours gem stones, creating an energetic contrast between the minimalist background and the ornate accents. What this means is that the supporting elements get clean, stylised lines that give way to the shiny gems in intense hues.   

The Functionality

The 2019 evolution is in favour of versatility and practicality. This may be apparent in the jewellery itself, like pieces suitable for asymmetric looks and double duty earrings you can wear both in front and behind the ear lobe. Or it may be all about how - and when - you choose to wear it: simpler pieces during the day (a single shell, a leaf-shaped pendant, large flower-shaped earrings etc.) and more decorative pieces during the evening (colourful ladybugs and butterflies, small, intricate and intense flowers).


To get a feel of the trend, start with the pieces you already have. Pick out the most colourful items - regardless if they are statement pieces or small, discrete ones - and start wearing them everyday. And, as summer rolls in, keep an eye out for sparkling flowers and glinting bugs.

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