What Makes The One Earring Style So Fresh Right Now

New season, new jewellery trend? It would sure seem so, except this one is not a fully formed trend - rather, an inclination towards more freedom in styling jewellery or towards new ways of wearing pieces you already own.

So note this: you won’t be seeing the single earring mini-trend bubbling up just everywhere on Instagram. (Not yet, anyway.) However, if you keep an eye on your favourite celebrities or influencers, you might just spot it every now and again, discreetly accompanying looks that were made to be photographed. And what better way to be ahead of the curve than to take this concept and run with it?

Ahead, we’re taking a closer look at how wearing one earring could guide your style choices this summer.

Let’s start by labelling this a mini trend. As with all mini trends, it may seep into the mainstream preferences, but it might also not. Either way, if you start playing around with it now, you’ll be the one standing out in a sea of dainty necklaces, anklets and statement barrettes - and that’s always a plus.

But what makes this mini trend so fresh?

Well, the number one reason is that it creates asymmetry. Now, more than ever, there’s a strong focus on those perfect little imperfections and on opening up to enjoy more freedom of expression.

At the same time, wearing a single earring means you can do something different without taking too high a risk. If your outfit needs to be subtle, formal or if you just don’t feel like putting a lot of thought into it, you can add a simple twist through asymmetry. The visual shift will be noticeable (and even a conversation starter), without actively seeking attention. A perfectly imperfect balance!

White Gold Diamond Huggy (Small)

Alternatively, you could achieve a similar but even more discreet result by paring a stud with something larger, like a drop or a dangle earring, in the opposite ear. Complete this look with a structured blazer over a frilly mini dress.

Summer is the ideal time (the best time of the entire year, actually) for style experiments. It is the season to let your hair down and have fun with lengths, colours and textures that might not work year round.

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