The Unsung Hero Of Office-Appropriate Jewellery

The Unsung Hero Of Office-Appropriate Jewellery

What you wear to the office helps you make the right impression. And since a graceful appearance will always add weight to your words, you’ll want your office attire and accessories to be well chosen.

So we’re exploring one item in particular, perhaps the most important in the entire look.

Office Wear Necklace: Planning

We feel that the hero jewellery piece of any office-ready look is the necklace. Why? Because it has a stronger visual impact. For reasons of practicality and comfort, rings and earrings worn in the workplace need to be subdued, understated. And, yes, this applies to a necklace as well.

However, the necklace has the advantage of spanning a greater surface than your other jewellery pieces. So it is primed to become the focus point of your outfit.

Office Wear Necklace: Choosing

The best necklaces for office wear are: durable, repeatable and subtle, yet expressive. So, when you’re looking for something to wear to the office, consider a necklace that can withstand the wear & tear of everyday use, that is versatile enough to be worn on consecutive days with distinct looks and that says a little something about your personality. The simplest way to achieve that last point is with pendants: maybe your favourite colour, your lucky gemstone or even an initial with a meaning known only by you!

18ct Yellow Gold Customisable Disc Necklace

And, if the dress code at your work place is a bit more permissive, you could consider experimenting with layering two necklaces together.

This is a simple approach that brings out the best in dainty necklaces, yet still keeps your look professional enough for a working environment.

Office Wear Necklace: Styling

Pair your necklace with jewellery that either matches perfectly or is the exact opposite of your necklace, style-wise. Neither choice is right or wrong. The policy is to be conscious of your choice, so that your intention shines through.

And if that choice doesn’t come easily - we know how long it can take to decide - you could start by considering what neckline you’re going to wear. We’ve described the specific pairings that work best in this article. Have fun!

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