Want The Newest Earring Trend? This Is It.

Sometimes, following the trends feels like a futile game. Because, let’s face it: who wants to get caught in that hamster wheel again and again? But then there are those rare times when focusing on the most in demand thing can be particularly rewarding.

Here’s the good news: this is one of those rare times. There is a particular earring trend that is climbing back to prominence again. And we can’t wait to share it with you.

The New Earring Trend Is… Colour


This year, designers were heavily inspired by art. Nowhere was this inspiration felt more strongly that in the world of jewellery. Intricate pieces that could rival sculptures or gracile contours with the most exquisite of gems nested within - undoubtedly, this was an exciting time for pure creativity.

But there’s another dimension that is yet to be fully explored: colour.

Colours are making a comeback in a way that's more subtle than before. Now, it’s less about exuberance and more about feel. Gemstones with marble-like effects and innovative textures make a notable appearance with a lasting impact. Still inspired by art, these pastel colours shine by themselves and captivate onlookers. Sometimes, they are punctuated by more saturated hues, creating contrasts that are simply unforgettable.

Emerald & Lemon Chrysoprase Earrings (Small)

With this new earring trend centred on the power of colours, there’s no need to go big. This is not an 80s-specific display of boldness and massive scale. On the contrary: it is a more subdued approach.

Opt for smaller shapes, classic contours and timeless hues. More often than not, you’ll find that they fit into that elusive space between classic and on-trend, which means you can wear your coloured earrings season after season.

For the ultimate mark of sophistication, ensure that their colours are balanced out with 18ct gold. It’s the combination that will keep on giving.

Pink Opal Earrings (Large)

Convertible, multi-use and incredibly versatile: transformable earrings are a topic that we inevitably touch upon again and again.

And, this season, we have created the most beautiful ones yet. Pastel greens paired with intense rubies or emeralds make for a visually stunning combination. Or, for a more classic approach, pair those same intense rubies and emeralds with pearl pendants.

Ruby & Pearl Earrings

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