Nature Inspired Fine Jewellery

Nature Inspired Fine Jewellery

Nature is an endless, instinctive source of inspiration. Taking active cues from biomorphism, our fine jewellery pieces come alive with figurative organic shapes that are easy on the eyes - and the soul.

Crafted or assembled by hand, they range from capricious creatures to familiar flowers…

Nature Inspired Fine Jewellery: Creatures

Animals - whether real or fantastic - have been depicted in art forms since the dawn of time. And since they always move, it’s a challenge to capture their essence in one painting or sculpture. Enter, poses: lions rise rampant and horses prance, eagles spread their wings, while snakes spiral and bite (or at least threaten to).

In our rendition, a black snake twists into a curl, holding a diamond bead in its mouth. Even as the snake rests firmly into its pose, the bead sways ever so slightly, captivating those around.

Black Snake & Red Tiger Eye Necklace

Nature Inspired Fine Jewellery: Structures

Along with living things, the natural structures they create are just as inspiring: from the seemingly chaotic but structurally sound bird’s nest to the mesmerising, perfectly tiled beehive.

We drew inspiration from the latter to create a unique statement ring. Decidedly isomorphic, the beehive peridot ring is rendered in 18ct yellow gold and intricately carved in a hexagonal grid. The result is a one-of-a-kind, nature-inspired jewellery piece that conveys the feeling of warmth, comfort and safety inside a beehive.

Beehive Peridot Ring

Nature Inspired Fine Jewellery: Flowers

Flowers in jewellery form: the default, the staple, the essential! We saved the best for last, as these are the shapes we enjoy working with the most.

And although all our flower-inspired jewellery is deeply figurative, there are some degrees of abstraction. Pieces like our Frosted Flower or the Bellflower pendants evoke natural shapes through softened, stylised contours. Whereas designs like the Coral Rose or the Peridot Flower earrings are perfectly accurate, if miniaturised references of their real counterparts.

There’s no right or wrong: when it comes to nature inspired fine jewellery, let your heart do the talking and choose what it likes most.

White Gold & White Opal Bellflower Loop Earrings



White Opal Bellflower Necklace

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