How To Wear Multiple Earrings In One Ear

How To Wear Multiple Earrings In One Ear

Wearing multiple earrings in one ear - why not?

Once a sigil of rebellious teens, the concept of assorted piercings has transcended the label of an impulse choice and has become a phenomenon onto itself. All grown up, carefully styled and adorned with precious gems, the curated ear can take a regular jewellery look to the very next level.

Curious to see some examples? Read on…

Getting Multiple Earrings Piercings In The Same Ear

If this is your first time considering getting (extra) piercings in your ears, your safest bet are targets all over the lobe - since that’s the softest part of the ear and the one that will heal the fastest.

In terms of positioning, it’s also the surest way to get your gems front and centre to really show them off.

From there, it’s all about finding the perfect pieces to match so that they balance and complete each other to perfection.

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Are Multiple Ear Piercings Unprofessional?

Multiple ear piercings have become more and more accepted in workplace environments all over the world. Of course, that doesn't apply to all professions, so you might want to check the restrictions for your specific field before booking that piercing appointment.

If you do need a workaround, you could consider wearing something that doesn’t require any additional piercings - specifically, cuffs or clip-ons. Cuffs are the most versatile, because you can start out your day with a regular pair of earrings and then put on the cuffs as soon as you leave work for additional fun and sparkle! 

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How To Balance Ear Piercings

With multiple - and sometimes very different - earrings to put on, achieving a balance is essential: smooth versus textured, shiny versus matte and large versus small.

A good starting point is to place your largest or longest piece in the lowest piercing possible and work your way up from there with a mix of smaller pieces and studs. Colour mixing your gems is a  standard and fun move, but don’t be afraid to go for a perfect colour match, too. When done well, both options show intention and take you further in achieving the coveted curated ear.

A little trick we love to share here at McFarlane Fine Jewellery is the power of earring pendants. We will probably never stop singing their praises, as they are the most efficient way of styling and re-styling your jewellery mixes to reveal new aesthetics.

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