The Everlasting Appeal Of Midi Rings

What are midi rings?

Midi rings, also known as phalanx rings or knuckle rings are small bands that are meant to be worn on your fingers, above the first knuckle.

Thanks to their small size and prominent position, they provide a unique opportunity to make statements and to have fun with your jewellery.


Why should you invest in midi rings?

Midi rings have become popular because they are perceived as being a lesser commitment than regular rings. They’re a breeze to wear and mix-and-match, making it easy to add some edginess to your jewellery look.

Not only that, but they also have a unique ability to visually define almost all the space on your hand. Who doesn’t love a blinged-out look, right?

When hunting for midi rings, look for quality materials. Silver midi rings, for example, have accessible price points and an excellent track-record for durability. You can wear them day in, day out, without fear that they’ll bend, loose their shine or even worse, stain your fingers.


How can you style midi rings?

If you like throwing ring parties on your fingers, you’ll be happy to know that midi rings are the type of whimsical, versatile additions that can help you sustain your habit, while bringing some extra fun and texture into the mix.

Here are a few ideas to get you rolling...


Impress by shifting the position of your midi rings in relation to your usual rings:

Photo: the lovely Chiara Ferragni

Shop her jewellery look:

  • Black Phalanx Ring
  • B'Os Ring
  • Knuckle B'Os Ring


Forget about regular rings for the day and just let your favourite midi ring do the talking:

Photo: dear Alison @ BangBangBlond

Shop her jewellery look:

  • The Little Heart Stackable


Match it up with a set of sterling silver rings and midi rings:

Photo: the stylish Swantje @ OffWhiteSwan

Shop her jewellery look:

  • Polished Little Phalanx Ring
  • Polished B'Os Ring
  • Knuckle B’Os Ring
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