Summer Jewellery Trends 2017: The Season’s Must-Have Pieces

Stay chic even in the blazing heat and find out which are the hottest jewellery trends of the season.

Because admit it: nothing looks quite as good with a tan as some shiny, new jewellery…

Photo credit: Anisa Sojka 

Daintiness All Around

Angel Charm Necklace / The Little Square Stackable / Gold Heart Hoops / Diamond Bar Bracelet

Sometimes you just don’t feel like throwing on an elaborate mix of jewellery, especially not in the merciless city heat.

But you also don’t fell like NOT accessorising, you know?

Enter the dainty jewellery trend.

Adding a dose of shine without weighing you down, a simple necklace, ring or bracelet can really make a difference in your look.

They also work on a blazing hot day at the beach - just remember not to jump into the water while wearing your favourite pieces. See this jewellery care guide for more details.

Photo credit: Carmel @drawdressdream wearing pieces from our Love You to the Bone collection

The Appeal Of Eccentricity

For those occasions when dainty pieces aren’t enough, there’s another summer jewellery trend you can turn to: oversized, over-the-top earrings.

Whether they come in punchy colours or unusual silhouettes, these statement-makers will always make heads turn.


Fine Jewellery Inspiration

Sure, costume jewellery has been around for three centuries.

So what’s new for the Summer 2017 season, you ask?

Well, designers have taken a more elaborate approach: they’ve sent pieces down the runway which resemble (but aren’t) fine jewellery.

Trompe l’oeil effects and subtle baroque influences have steered this trend towards a more elaborate direction.

If you're considering the fine jewellery trend or even going for the real deal, here are a few suggestions:

White Zircon Pearl Drop Earrings

Drop Emerald Earrings

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