Jewellery Trends Spring/Summer 2018

Winter is now in full swing. Which means it’s the perfect time to… prepare for the warm months ahead!

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Know exactly what to invest in for the Spring/Summer 2018 season by reading our guide…

Asymmetries & Mismatching

Consider this your “Go wild!“ card.

For Spring/Summer 2018, jewellery gets wilder than ever.

Always wanted to step out of the house with mismatched earrings?

Or with just one earring?

Promise yourself you’re going to live it up and just DO it this season.

Vaguely reminiscent of the 80s disco era or of the 90s punk, this style is easy to pull off and has maximum impact. What more could you wish for?


“Quote Un-Quote” Ear Cuff

Staple Earrings

Single Studs


Bling It Way OUT

This spring and summer, wearing the shiniest, most eye-catching gems from morning until dawn will become the norm - and not just with evening gowns. In fact, the trend is to wear your most visible, sparkle-heavy pieces with your most unassuming outfits.

And we’re totally on board with it.

After all, just because you’re not starting your day at noon with a bubble bath, champagne and chocolates doesn’t mean you can’t look the part!

Ready to take the plunge?


Cross Pearl Earrings

Pavé Earrings

Blue Sapphires All In A Row


The Melting Pot

If you thought the previous two trend notes were deliciously extravagant, wait till your hear this:

They’ve just scratched the surface.

The truth is that the upcoming season’s trends are unprecedentedly eclectic.

Any texture, shape, size or finish is in style.

Every colour is, too.

From strong pendants to ornate necklaces and fantastic earrings: shapes, hues and textures collide to bring us the most individual season yet.


Ruby & Tourmaline Cross Necklace

Amethyst Duet Ring

Citrine & Diamond Earrings

So how do you stay sane in the middle of all the madness?

Choose pieces that you LOVE and that fit your style.

Choose quality over quantity.

And, most importantly, enjoy the ride!

May this be your most stylistically satisfying season yet.

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