Jewellery Trends Spring 2017: What's Hot Right Now

Gone are the days when wearing jewellery meant being prim, proper and matchy-matchy.

The world is in constant state of flux and so are accessories.

How does this translate into jewellery trends for spring 2017, you wonder? Let’s find out...

2017 Jewellery Spring Trend: Over-The-Top Necklaces

Fabulous, statement necklaces are IN! With every coming season, they seem to get more extravagant in size, sparkle or texture.

To wear the trend now, reach for fine-jewellery-inspired pieces or, even better, wear the real deal!

The Lovely Bones Necklace

2017 Jewellery Spring Trend: Chokers & Ear Cuffs

These daredevils give us life this season! Chokers, the almost ubiquitous accessory of the past few months will keep going strong. Hey, those flirty summer tops aren’t going to accessorise themselves.

As for ear cuffs? They’re a bold, versatile choice: a mid-day conversation starter, yet also a fun accessory for a night out. If you only get one new jewellery piece this season, make it an ear cuff. And wear it everywhere!

Diamond Encrusted "Quote Un-Quote" Ear Cuff with Diamond Encrusted Stud

2017 Jewellery Spring Trend: Layering & Personalising

Fashion keeps reinventing itself and jewellery certainly does not stray far behind. Everything old is new again, but with one condition: that it comes back reinterpreted.

In terms of jewellery, this means that you have free reign to wear mismatched pieces intentionally and to mix the pieces you already have in an unexpected way.

Black Tahitian Pearl & Zircon Stud Earrings


Wherever the trends will lead us this season, one thing’s for sure: experimenting will be the norm!


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