How To Wear Multiple Earrings

Do you know what’s better than a gorgeous pair of earrings?

Multiple gorgeous earrings, worn in the same ear!

Far from being a fleeting trend, decking your ears with as many jewellery pieces as possible is a habit that’s here to stay.

About The Multiple Earrings Trend

Truth: this is not a fresh trend per se, but, rather, a fresh rendition…

Formerly a hallmark of punk rockers and rebellious youth, the multiple earrings trend has, in recent years, forged its way into the mainstream.

So much so, that it is now a staple of every cool girl’s look and a must if you’re looking to add some spice to your personal style.

Plus, it’s a fabulous opportunity to stack up and show off your favourite dainty or not-so-dainty earrings, while staying within the confines of what’s socially acceptable. Win-win!

How To Start Wearing Multiple Earrings

The first step is, of course, adding a few extra piercings to your ears if you don’t have them yet. Their number and placement will depend on what look you’re going for.

Full disclosure: this is the hardest part. Once you do this, it’s plain sailing ahead.

The next step is to revamp your jewellery wardrobe. If you’re starting from scratch, here’s a 30-minute guide to help.

Photo credit: BangBangBlond

wearing the Pearl Studs and the Diamond Bar Studs


Now you’re ready to stack & style. Start with these no-fail combinations:

-> Mix and match textures, sizes and colours for an eclectic look that is both cool and timeless.

-> Go the minimalist route and wear various sizes of the same earring (upwards of three) for a sleek, impactful look.

-> Asymmetries are your best friend. Start with the heavier pieces on your lobes and work your way up with lighter, daintier pieces. Chic!


Multiple Earrings: Standout Combinations To Try Out

Want to put all of these ideas into practice?

Here are some suggestions:



Zircon Stud Earrings + Dark Blue Sapphire StudMabe Pearl Stud


Staple Earrings + Diamond Bar StudPointy Blue Iolite Stud

"Quote Un-Quote" Earrings + Ruby Stud + Diamond Bar Stud

Pearl Studs + Pink Sapphire StudDiamond Bar Stud

Heart Hoops + Ruby Stud + Mabe Pearl Stud


Want even more ideas?
Happy stacking!
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