How To Wear A Gold Chain Necklace So It Looks Amazing Every Time

Gold chain necklaces are a staple in everyone’s jewellery box.

But as with all classics, there comes a time when you run out of styling ideas. So consider this your quick guide to making your favourite gold chain necklace look fresh again.

Easy to layer, eye-catching and mega chic, you’ll find that it doesn’t need much to stand out, apart from a keen eye for detail. Let’s jump right in!

Let It Shine All By Itself

The first option is to wear it all by itself.

While this one is a no-brainer, it’s also the one that puts all the attention on the design of the necklace.

So make sure you choose a piece with some visual impact, like a pop of colour or an intricate pendant.

For extra styling points, wear your gold chain necklace with a contrasting neckline:

Photo credit: @annamaradan

Three’s A Party!

Going all out in the necklace department? Opt for a set of gold pieces similar in shape and size and wear them all at once.

The key here is to make sure each necklace is of a slightly different length, so that, when you put them on, each one is visible.

This type of necklace styling looks best with V-necks and low cut tops in general, as it helps fill them visually. But of course, you can also wear them with a bathing suit when lounging poolside. Just remember to properly care for your jewellery, as we’ve shown you here.

Photo credit: @annamaradan

The Unbeatable Combo

Speaking of V-neck tops, here’s the perfect example of how good your gold necklace will look with one. The truth is that these two compliment each other to absolute perfection!

Photo credit: @annamaradan

If you want to up your styling game, feel free to add another necklace to the mix, but don’t go overboard: the simpler, the better.

Finally, you can add more flair to your look with an attention-grabbing pendant. Pick one you absolutely love and make it your signature piece: the more you’ll wear it, the easier to style it’ll become. Good luck and happy shopping!

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