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The “Can’t Go Wrong” Way Of Styling Your Rings

When it comes to wearing your rings, your instinct may be to slide a few of them on and call it a day.

We say: fair game!

But if you put just a little thought into how to style your rings, you can end up with a combo that does so much more than check the “wear some jewellery” box.

Here are three effortless mixes to enhance your looks and make you shine.

The Min-Max Combo

First up it's this timeless combo.

Max out on the element of surprise and pair your daintiest band with the most daring sparkler.

Each should go on a different finger in order to visually separate them - the further apart they are, the more powerful they’ll look!


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Prasiolite Duet Ring

 Amethyst Duet Ring

The Fine Line

For those in-between days when you don’t feel like going over the top, but you're not keen on going ring-less either, this is the solution:

Wear only a couple of your favourite thin rings on the same finger. The very subtle layering effect will not look overdone and it’ll give your look just enough detail. Perfect!

Photo credit: @alisonliaudat

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Little Heart Ring

The Rebel

Want to have fun with the styling, yet keep it effortless and light? Reach for a midi ring!

Whether worn by itself or paired with other dainty bands, it’ll expand the visual outline of your ring game - your knuckles can be in the spotlight too!


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"Quote Un-Quote" Spiral Ring

Pro Tip: If you’re wearing a midi ring all by itself, make it an extra sparkly one. Here’s an idea:

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Diamond Encrusted "Quote Un-Quote" Mini Spiral Ring