How To Shop For Jewellery Like A Fashion Editor

With their polished, yet expressive outfits, fashion editors always manage to look "fresh". We’ve taken a closer look at their impeccable looks and it all comes down to a few simple tricks.

Read, apply and… wear with confidence:

Keep An Eye On What’s New

Photo: BangBangBlond

Fashion editors are constantly in the know and plugged into the latest news.

While you may not have the inside connections to turn to, you can still stay informed by following your favourite fashion media outlets and bloggers.

Start With The Basics, Then Build Your Way Up

Photo: Keller Rose

Think about your wardrobe and jewellery collection as a house: it won’t last without a solid foundation.

Alongside your LBDs, simple tees and perfectly fitting jeans, consider stocking up on versatile jewellery pieces that you can wear on a day to day basis.

Dainty necklaces, unpretentious studs or simple bangles are always good starting points.

High & Low, Casual & Sophisticated, Trendy & Vintage

Photo: Anisa Sojka

What makes fashion editors so impossibly cool, is their ability to diversify their wardrobe and jewellery collections.

Having a carefully curated wardrobe makes mixing and matching a breeze! 

Edit Your Wardrobe And Your Jewellery Box Seasonally

At the start of every season, put time aside to go through what you own, sort what you don’t necessarily wear anymore and consider which new additions should make their way into your collection.

For a quick introduction on how to set the basis for your jewellery wardrobe, read this article: 30 Minutes To The Perfect Jewellery Wardrobe.

Support New And Independent Designers

Photo: MyShowroom

Want to stay on trend without wearing the exact same thing as everyone else?

Your best bet are independent designers.

Working with small, limited quantities, they put out fresh pieces with unique designs that’ll make everybody stop and ask you: “Where did you get that?”. We personally love exploring Wolf & Badger as well as our own collections, of course. ;)

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