Should Your Earrings And Necklace Match? Well…

Well, what are you going for? A classic, timeless look that can’t go wrong or a risqué visual statement that pushes the boundaries? Naturally, there isn’t a definitive correct answer - it all depends on the context.

But there is one rule to stick to: always be sure to make a conscious choice. Here’s how…

The Classic Coordinated Look

Matching earrings and necklace in identical materials, textures and/or colours - such a pairing is perfectly suitable for formal events. Look at it as the safe, effortless styling option that works both with a streamlined pantsuit and with a long evening dress.

And, just to keep things fresh and subvert expectations, choose pieces made from the same material, then put a twist in the proportions. For example, wear drop earrings and a matching choker, instead of the textbook long necklace.

Pearl on Pearl Earrings + Baroque Pearl Chocker


"Quote Un-Quote" Stud Earrings + "Quote Un-Quote" Necklace

The Contemporary Statement Expression

Then again, sometimes you’re not simply attending - you’re starring.

So start mix-and-matching your jewellery. Select different colour schemes, materials or designs and wear them together. And remember to keep your look curated by making every pairing intentional.

Round, barely-there studs with a long, dainty necklace. Why? To keep the proportions in check.

Zircon Stud Earrings + White Opal Bellflower Necklace

Silver huggie earrings plus an ocean-blue aquamarine necklace. Why? For a controlled, ice-cold contrast.

White Gold Diamond Huggies (Small) + Aquamarine Necklace With Diamond Encrusted Clasp

Heavy, voluminous earrings and a strong, loud necklace. Why? To put yourself in the spotlight and commend all the attention around you.

Citrine & Diamond Earrings + Pink Peruvian Rough Opal Necklace

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