How To Layer Necklaces Like An Expert Stylist

Truth: there are no rules when it comes to styling necklaces.

Layering them and pairing them with your daily outfits should be more of an exercise in imagination than a trend-driven approach.

So here are juuust a few ideas to spark your creativity.

"Quote Un-Quote" Layered Necklace Set

How many is too many?

There’s no magic number when it comes to the perfect layered look.

In some combinations, a thick necklace may need a thin one to balance things out. Or, if all of your necklaces are thin, you may need three or even five to achieve an eye-catching mix.



If you’re looking for a rule of thumb, note this: unevenness is your friend and, just like flowers, most necklaces look good when they come in odd numbers.

A Game Of Balance

When layering your necklaces, start with the end in mind.

Your composition can have a single focal point in the form of a statement necklace. Or the focus can be equally distributed between an array of similar necklaces.

Photo credit: Priscila @myshowroomblog wearing the "Quote Un-Quote" Necklace

The choice is yours!

If you go the statement route, use the thicker and most colourful necklace as the centre piece and gently frame it with finer ones.

Experiment With Extreme Lengths

Pull yourself out of the comfort zone and try layering a couple of shorter necklaces with a lariat piece or even a body chain.

Especially in summer, a bit of shine peeking from an unbuttoned shirt looks GOOD.

Don’t Mix Your Metals. Or… Do Mix Your Metals!

Depending on what works best with your particular skin tone, you might opt to wear just gold or just silver. But if you decide to mix the two, who's to stop you?

Here’s a quick resource to help you pick jewellery that compliments your look.

"Quote Un-Quote" Layered Necklace Set

Flip the Script

If you wear a backless dress, move the party to the back!

Dainty necklaces with attention-grabbing pendants fill the space and elongate your silhouette.

Have fun!


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