30 Minutes To The Perfect Jewellery Wardrobe

Building the perfect jewellery wardrobe shouldn’t be a formidable, fatiguing or stress-inducing task.

On the contrary, if you skip the obligation to *get it right*, you’ll find that the process becomes light and enjoyable. And the result will be amazing!

Let us guide your steps towards the perfect jewellery wardrobe, through a 3-step process that takes less than half an hour.


Step 1: Assess Your Style And Your Goals

First off, kick back, relax and mentally revise your favourite everyday looks.

What stands out the most? Which pieces do you wear lovingly and which do you always avoid?

Which ensembles make your heart sing and which ones make it… sink?

Photo: Miriam @ The Golden Cherry

The answers will help you identify your overall style and figure out what you feel most comfortable in.

Step 2: Out With The Old

Recall what you’ve learned earlier and apply the insights to your jewellery box.

Take out what you don’t wear anymore. Don’t back out and remember: no regrets and no half-measures.

This step will help you clear the space for the new pieces, which you’ll absolutely LOVE to wear.

Step 3: In With The New

If you were serious about the previous steps, this one should be a breeze!

Figure out what fresh pieces you need, starting with your personal, everyday essentials. For example, depending on your style, you may opt for a large statement ring or, on the contrary, for simple, dainty bands.

Photo: Anisa Sojka

If you’re not sure where to start from, go the classic route: essential, everyday pieces that can be layered to add extra flair and spark.

Here are a few of our suggestions...

Click through to shop each piece and start building your perfect jewellery wardrobe:

Simple studs… with a twist:

"Quote Un-Quote" Stud Earrings

The everyday dainty necklace:

The B'Os Necklace

Dainty rings and matching midi rings:


Rings from our Love You to the Bone Collection

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