The Quiet Power Of Moonstone Drop Earrings

The Quiet Power Of Moonstone Drop Earrings

We all know the feeling: you want to look dressed up and put together, but have exactly zero bandwidth to divert towards achieving that. For such days, a pair of gold moonstone drop earrings are the ultimate go-to.

And that’s for a very particular reason: in old times, it was believed that this gemstone was nothing other than solidified beams of moonlight. With a legacy so poetic, it’s only natural that these gorgeous earrings will come to your rescue on days when you can focus only on the basics.

Where To Wear Moonstone Earrings

Just like with any piece of new jewellery, you'll see that a pair of moonstone earrings will have that can’t-stop-staring, new-in shine about them. The good news is that the impression won’t go away after a day or two. There’s something very fresh and spring-like about them, a timeless appeal that won’t fade once seasons turn.

Which leads us to this very general, but perfectly valid guideline: wear them anywhere in daytime! The sheen of your specific gems may vary, but the gorgeous, memorable effect of moonstone is invariably best experienced in sunlight.

What To Pair Moonstone Earrings With

As far as pairings go, moonstone earrings work well with most other gems. Thanks to their milky white appearance, they can play second-in-command to bolder gems like emeralds and rubies. Alternatively, they also look good with lighter options - or even other moonstones - to match.

Our Gold Moonstone Drop Earrings

At McFarlane Fine Jewellery, our rendition of gold moonstone drop earrings comes in three sizes, all in a similarly simple, clean and understated design.

The drops are offset by 18ct yellow gold hooks with a matt finish which beautifully contrast with the shine of the moonstone.

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