Fine Jewellery Trends 2018

Whether you’re looking for fresh inspiration or need help deciding what your next investment pieces should be, this year’s fine jewellery trends will steer you in the right direction.

Photo credit: Alison at Bangbangblond wearing the "Quote Un-Quote" Ear Cuff


First, an introductory note: 2018 is all about vibrant colours, designs with twists and turns and a certain nostalgic flavour that wraps everything up into a thrilling, sparkling landscape.

These are the main fine jewellery trends this year:


A certain 90’s style necklace is making a strong comeback and you might already know which one: the chocker necklace.

The resurgence of chocker necklaces is nothing new, of course. Collectively appreciated by the fashion crowd season after season, they have, in recent months, tightened their grasp on the fine jewellery realm. So much so, that they can now be identified as an essential trend. Fine jewellery chokers feature diamonds or pearls in unexpected, fresh combinations.

Right next to chokers in the trend department we have short statement necklaces that are thicker than you might expect. They offer a nice change of pace and extra liberties in the styling department, as they are easier to wear than their longer counterparts.

If chokers are the stars of the show, pearls are the show-runners. And when the two come together, you know they’re going to make a statement. Pictured: The Baroque Pearl Chocker.


Keeping up with the rising popularity of asymmetry in jewellery design, fine earrings adapt into pieces that do more than dot each ear identically. Instead, they climb, twist and turn, framing the face in novel ways.

Trends are pointing in the direction of a shorter earring that perfectly compliments a longer variation of the same design. Often times, the asymmetric designs take on organic shapes that coil around a bigger gem or a pearl.


Just like with necklaces and earrings, asymmetry is where rings tend to find their true selves too. Bright clusters of complementary hues dominate this space, arranged in complex designs that appear to blossom under your eyes.

When not serving copious amounts of vibrant colours, rings take on nature-inspired shapes that masterfully wrap around the finger. Punctuated by diamonds, these designs veer into dainty rings territory, but always with a twist.


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