Fall/Winter 2020 Jewellery Trends

Fall/Winter 2020 Jewellery Trends

Even with social distancing in place, the runways are still walked (with safety measures observed), the trends are still set (mostly in digital form) and people still dress up (mostly for video conferences).

So let’s take a look at the top Fall/Winter 2020 jewellery trends to see what’s fresh and how to wear the newness.

Trend 1: Pearl-tastic

Starting off with a classic! Pearls have been consistently trending for many seasons now, so it’s no surprise we get to enjoy them again in the upcoming months.

Seen on the runways in every shape and form, piled together or worn by themselves, pearls continue to cement their status as timeless jewellery staples.

Consider this your queue to keep adding them to your collection as the style accent that will stand the test of time.


Baroque Pearl Necklace


Trend 2: A Floral Moment

The 80s are having a moment right now, so it’s no surprise to see them influence the jewellery trends for the upcoming season.

Bold, saturated colours and shiny gems take the lead, alongside the most delicate silhouettes of floral-like pieces.

Whether figurative or abstract, flowers are here to take the lead and decorate your favourite jewellery pieces.

Peridot Flower & Lemon Citrine Earrings


Trend 3: Layered Necklaces

We love a necklace layering moment, so we’re extra happy to see this one trending again for Fall/Winter 2020.

The most direct way of creating such a look is to layer 2 or 3 necklaces of similar width, but different textures and lengths.

For example, consider a link chain necklace alongside a couple of dainty ones adorned with pendants.


Link Chain Necklace


Trend 4: Oh So Charming

Charms are in! Those little pendants that spice up everything from bracelets to earrings are here to stay. 

A fun way to breathe new life into your jewellery archive, they can be endlessly mix-and-matched.

For us here at McFarlane Fine Jewellery, charms are at their chicest when worn with simple hoop earrings, as you can have them frame your face in a versatile, ever-changing way.

Little Chilli Earrings Pendant 


Trend 5: Diamond Earrings

What better way to captivate eyes - be it in person or via video calls - than with a pair of diamond earrings?

The best part is they don’t necessarily have to be extravagant. A simple pair of hoops or huggies encrusted with diamonds can become your signature accessory.

Wear them day after day for a vivid, dynamic, yet perfectly subtle look.


White Gold Diamond Huggies (Medium)

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