Fall/Winter 2017-2018 Jewellery Trends

The Fall/Winter 2017-2018 jewellery trends will make you throw out the rule book!

This season will be WILD.

Do you have what it takes to wear what’s new?

These are the top three jewellery trends for Fall/Winter 2017-2018:

Ear Games Get Serious

There’s no doubt about it: your ear game needs to be on point this season.

Earrings are still in the spotlight and they are stronger than ever.

Overly decorated, supersized, extra shiny - it has all walked down on the runway.

To easily make this trend your own, reach for decadent ear cuffs, hoops and chandelier earrings.

Staple Earrings


Necklace Extravaganza

Necklace aficionados, rejoice: this season will be one for the books!

The keywords?

Bold pendants and beaded necklaces - bonus points if worn together.

For pendants, think: initials, geometric shapes and small trinkets rendered in a variety of finishes.

For necklaces, think: edgy, with a hint of vintage. Big & bold. Earth tones and reds. Organic materials like shells and porcelain.

As for length, everything from belly button-grazing to chokers has made an appearance. So have fun!

Pink Peruvian Rough Opal Necklace
Pink Pearl Necklace
Iridised Onyx Necklace


If In Doubt, Do This To Be On Trend

Keeping in line with the previous seasons, mix-and-matching remains in full swing.

If you find yourself hesitating when putting on jewellery, remember this: mismatching, asymmetries and layering are still in.

So go wild with your choices - even though nobody spelled it out loud, the top Fall/Winter 2017-2018 jewellery trend is to be yourself.

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