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You know and love our pieces, but do you know what makes them SO good?

No matter how beautiful or original a design, it’s always the material that ultimately makes it successful.

This is why today we’re describing the thinking process behind our choice of materials. Read on and you’ll also discover some interesting tidbits about precious metals!

Let’s go:

Did You Know… The Difference Between 9ct and 22ct Gold?

Pure gold (24ct) is stored in bullion form and it is very soft and malleable. In order to make it suitable for everyday use, it needs to be mixed with other metals. This, of course, lowers the purity of the material, so a reference scale is employed to reflect the composition: the carat.

In the jewellery industry, 22ct is the highest usable purity, while 9ct reflects the toughest composition, yet with the minimum accepted gold content.

So what do we do?

We aim for balance: our pieces are made from 18ct gold, which is the perfect mix of strength and quality.

View our selection of 18ct gold jewellery:

Triangle Stackable
Quote Rings

Did You Know… Why Silver Is Often Rhodium-Plated?

Sterling silver is beautiful, but it is prone to tarnishing (oxidising). Fortunately, we can prevent this by plating our pieces with a layer of rhodium.

In addition to the protective effect, this also allows us to create different looks. We use white and black to create the bright and dark finishes, respectively.

See our selection of rhodium-plated sterling silver jewellery:

Black Little Phalanx Stack
Polished & Matt Little Phalanx Stack
Matt & Black Little Phalanx Stack

Did You Know… What Gold-Plated Jewellery Is About?

Jewellery is sometimes gold-plated in an effort to increase the value of the base metal, while also getting the gold look.

But for us, that’s a no-go.

Why don’t we do it?

Because there’s nothing to make up for: we use genuine materials inside and out!

So, with us, if the piece is marked as gold, it’s made from gold. Simple as that.

Shop our selection of 18ct gold jewellery:

Bottom: Heart Hoops
Right: "Quote Un-Quote" Ear Cuff
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