Jewellery Box Favourites: Dainty Gemstone Rings

Jewellery Box Favourites: Dainty Gemstone Rings

Have you heard? We’ve recently introduced a new assortment of dainty gemstone rings!

Rendered in an identical style and numbered 1 through 6, they each feature a clear-cut jewel that’s as irresistible as candy.

Below, we’re bringing them into the spotlight and going into detail on how to wear them daily.


A simple band is topped with a discrete claw setting that holds its stone securely - it’s as light and elegant as it gets. This minimalist, identical design is shared by all six rings and puts the spotlight entirely on the gemstones.

L-R: No. 1, No. 2, No. 3

L-R: No. 4, No. 5, No. 6

Pick one of the six and wear it by itself: a deep colour to create a focal point for your look, or a bright one for a subtle styling touch.

Should you decide that a single ring won’t do, you can turn to a design feature that’s hidden in plain view: the claw setting rises well above the band, so as to accommodate other rings in its proximity.

You can stack one candy-coloured ring between two diamond-encrusted bands for an elevated and refined impression - the gemstone will neatly hover above the other rings. 



Pair of Yellow Gold Diamond Rings

And when you're feeling up for an infusion of colour, you’ll be happy to find that our candy coloured rings play well together. Wear three of them at a time: give each one a slight rotation and the settings will slide over the bands of the other rings, for an all-out burst of joyfulness.

Love our rings but have a specific gemstone in mind?

As always, we are available for custom orders and would love to create a special candy coloured ring for you! The timeless design can be topped off with a virtually endless array of stones.

Reach out to us for a custom piece today at

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