Come Clean: Do You Ever Wear Jewellery When You Shouldn’t?

Come Clean: Do You Ever Wear Jewellery When You Shouldn’t?

When you keep jewellery pieces on rotation for months at a time, having them on becomes second nature. Which leads to you forgetting to take them off in the evening. Or putting them on when you shouldn’t. 

In this fun and light “Is this you?” article, we’re going over some essential contexts where it might be wiser to remove your jewellery. Read on, chuckle and see if this is, indeed, you.

Is it safe to sleep with your jewellery on?

In theory, yes: both you and your jewellery will make it through the experience.

However, there’s no reason to not place them on your nightstand before your doze off. If you forget, your necklace might become tangled or you could snag it off by accident. Similarly, rings and bracelets might get warped and bent by uneven pressure. And when it comes to earrings… do you want to press a hook or a stud into your skin when you lay on the pillow?

Is it safe to wear jewellery in the shower?

Again: in theory, yes. If your jewellery is made from high quality materials (like real gold or silver), a splash of water once in a while won’t damage them at all.

However, try not to make a habit out of this. Bits of soap or shampoo can cling to your jewellery pieces in surface patches and dull their shine. If the pieces have gemstones or intricately carved designs, then leftover shower gel can facilitate the build-up of dirt in inaccessible nooks and crannies.

Can you exercise while wearing jewellery?

Here, it depends. If it’s HIIT or a contact sport, then no. Definitely no.

But some workouts are lighter than others. For example, yoga and pilates are low intensity and don’t involve sudden movements.

And then there’s cycling and running, both of which are safe enough for rings and earrings.

Can you take your jewellery to the beach?

Sure! But don’t swim with it. The salt and the sand can actually scratch or chip jewellery pretty easily since gold, silver and some gemstones are relatively soft. Plus, even shy waves can claim rings, necklaces and bracelets.

So if you do take your pieces to the beach, put them on for a quick photo, then place them back in your bag when you’re ready.

Should you wear your favourite pieces all the time?

Yes, definitely. All the time. Enjoy them!

Just be sure to take good care of them so that they’ll last forever.

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