The Infallible Capsule Jewellery Wardrobe For The Next Decade

How does one achieve stylistic longevity in an ever-changing world?

Our (admittedly biased) answer is jewellery. And the objective answer is also jewellery. It is always jewellery: gold, diamonds, gemstones and pearls are constantly in fashion.

But while the materials themselves are immutable by default, the designs might not be. So some curation is required…

The All-Rounders

These are the pieces that you can and will wear day-to-day, for years to come. They’ll have to work with as many outfits as possible, in as many contexts as possible.

The way to ensure that is to favour discretion over decor. The absence of embellishments leaves room for the other parts of your look to do the talking (hair, make-up, clothes or shoes). And the refinement and elevation you expect from your jewellery will come simply from the harmoniously chosen proportions.

In terms of materials and colours, white gold and yellow gold work best with this approach.

Gold Closed Hoops

The Special Occasion Accessories

These are the accents. The pieces with a classic design and a solid presence that will punctuate your elegant look on any special occasion.

In terms of materials, you’ll want to look for quintessential gemstones like rubies and emeralds. They will hold up well, both value- and appearance-wise.

And, if you’re considering pieces that also have heirloom potential, look no further than pearls - in all types, shapes and forms.

Ruby & Pearl Earrings

The Whimsical Purchases

This is about giving yourself an option. The option to feel bright, quirky, mismatched and unrestrained.

As the final component of the perfect capsule jewellery wardrobe for the next decade, a whimsical jewellery purchase is the piece you will turn to when you want to break free from the norm. The fact that you’ve chosen it on a whim means that it is the truest expression of your personality. So, unlike the previous categories, this piece can be worn front and centre, drawing all the attention to itself and to a style that will never go out of fashion: yours.

Our suggestions are: colourful cocktail rings, anything that is studded with diamonds or necklaces with vivid, spirited designs.

Emerald & Baroque Pearl Necklace 

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