Can You Wear Pearl Earrings Everyday? (A Style Investigation)

Can You Wear Pearl Earrings Everyday? (A Style Investigation)

Pearls: chic, classic and… fit for daily wear?

With their soft and unmistakable lustre, pearls are the cutest, daintiest and most delicate pieces to ever grace your ears. But, as beautiful as they are, they’re not as immune to accidental damage as their diamond counterparts.

So is there any way to wear pearl earrings everyday? Let’s see what it would take…

Consider The Size

Whether working, travelling or running errands around town, you always want to be able to move about carefree and not be preoccupied with what you’re wearing. This is a minimum standard that any jewellery piece has to meet in order to be ready for your everyday rotation - and it’s particularly relevant for pearl earrings.

In practice, this means having them as close to the ears and as simple as possible. The winning form factor is, of course, a pair of studs, because you won’t have to worry about snagging them or getting your hair caught in some protruding details.

Get the look:

Put Them On Last

If you’re planning to wear pearl earrings everyday (and you should!), remember to put them on after body lotion, make-up and perfume have been applied. Pearls are porous, so coming in contact with this type of products could damage them.

Putting them on last will protect them from contamination and also reduce the risk of physical surface damage. And, as a bonus, this will be the finishing touch that signals you’re ready to go out the door in the morning.

Style Them Up For Evening

The best thing about pearl studs here at McFarlane Fine Jewellery is that you have the option to dress them up… literally!

Our Mini Pearl Studs can be paired with earring pendants to add a splash of colour without straying away from the white pearl base.

Here are some ideas:


Wear yours with a sophisticated dress in a contrasting colours to make them pop. Have fun and enjoy the mix-and-matching!

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