This Is What You Have To Know When Buying Jewellery For Yourself

Shopping is always fun.

But jewellery shopping? That might just take the cake…

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Whether you’re hesitating to pull the trigger on a new investment piece or simply looking to update your everyday staples, we’ve got you covered: here are 3 things to think about when buying jewellery for yourself.

Consider Your Taste And Personal Style

This doesn't get said enough. When the entire shopping landscape is governed by trends, it can be easy to lose track of what you want and need.

So, especially if you’re after some new jewellery for yourself, really stop and think: does it work with my wardrobe? Does it help me achieve the look I’m going for? Does it fit my personal aesthetic?

These simple questions will help you narrow down how and what to purchase next.

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Consider The Purpose

Even if you're buying something “just because” (aren't those the best purchases?), there should still be a purpose behind every piece you add to cart.

Try to figure out whether you're likely to wear it on an everyday basis or if it’s something for select occasions and shop accordingly.

So keep these two words in mind: when and where. They’ll provide you with clear direction each and every time.

Invest With Care

And, finally, the price comes into play: what better time to treat yourself than when buying jewellery?

When contemplating a new purchase, always keep in mind that quality materials mean that you’ll have it for years to come.

Especially if you wear something on a daily basis, it’s particularly important to have pieces made from real gold and gems.

And, in case you want a few ideas, here are a few of the most popular pieces in our shop:


Heart Hoops

Yellow Gold Diamond Ring

Little Heart Ring


Happy shopping! 

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