Behind The Gems: Black Snake & Red Tiger Eye Necklace

Into statement jewellery?

You’ll be surprised to discover that the creative process behind it can be just as intricate as its design.

Behind The Gems is a monthly series that takes you on an exclusive, behind-the-scenes tour of our signature collections.


And today we’re going to reveal exactly what it took to create our Black Snake & Red Tiger Eye Necklace from start to finish…

The Idea

Believe it or not, sometimes inspiration finds you.

Kathleen stumbled upon some red tiger eye stones while shopping for pearls to finish a custom order. The deep red colour and the gorgeous lustre of the little strands completely won her over, so she went with her instinct and bought them on the spot.

The Design Process

A few months went by, and the red tiger eye strands were still waiting in the workshop.

What would best complement their shine?

Eventually, inspiration struck once again and, this time, it was all systems go.

Kathleen and Esther wanted to focus on highlighting the mysterious side of the tiger eye. It reminded them of the way a snake’s skin glistens in the light: cascading, intriguing, hypnotising.

Esther modelled several snakes from a hard wax until reaching the desired shape and then cast the design in sterling silver.

As soon as the snake was completed, it was sent to the setter to be fitted with diamonds and rubies.

But when the snake got back, something seemed off.

Turns out, it needed a black rhodium plating to match the deep red colour of the tiger eye beads - talk about a Eureka moment!

The Finished Piece

This piece is as rich in details as its story.

In the middle, the sterling silver snake unapologetically attracts every glance with its plethora of diamonds and rubies.

Holding it from both sides, the luxurious strings of red tiger eye beads demand a tribute from every ray of light, while the snake's central diamond bead gently sways to and fro.

Unique, adjustable in length and every centimetre the visual stunner, this exquisite piece is not one to be missed.

Unique: 1/1 
Length 48cm - adjustable 
10 strings of red tigereye beads approx. 2.5mm
Black rhodium plated sterling silver snake 
15 x light pink diamonds 
24 x rubies varying in size  
1 x 6mm brown diamond bead totalling 1.81ct
18ct yellow gold clasps

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