5 Fashion Blogger-Approved Jewellery Styling Tips

We all turn to fashion bloggers for ideas and inspiration. So it only makes sense that we also turn to them for tips on how to incorporate jewellery into our daily looks. 

This is why we’ve rounded up 5 jewellery styling tips illustrated by some of our all-time favourite bloggers.

Get inspired:

Jewellery Styling Tip 1: Make Pearls Your Daytime Go To

Make pearls work for day wear by dressing them down. A casual tank, a pair of oversized sunglasses and a swipe of red lipstick is all you need for a traffic-stopping look. An understated necklace won’t hurt, either.

Photo: the lovely Priscila Betancort

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Jewellery Styling Tip 2: A Duo Of Rings To Elevate Your Look

Elevate your look with this classic bling combo. The simple shapes will complement each other, adding a touch of sophistication to your outfit.

Photo: darling Anisa Sojka

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  • Little Quote Rings

Jewellery Styling Tip 3: A Delicate Ring Looks Chic On Any Occasion


Just because you’re taking the sneakers route doesn't mean you have to give up on accessorising… Pop on a casual mix of bracelets and a single, delicate ring on your index finger - that’ll be just enough to take the look from casual to chic.

Photo: darling Anisa Sojka

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Jewellery Styling Tip 4: Make A Statement With An Ear Cuff 

For the times when some serious ear bling is in order, don’t hesitate to pull out all the stops with a statement ear cuff. It will highlight your rebellious side while also adding a dose of chicness to your ensemble. So much yes!

Photo: dear Alison @ BangBangBlond

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Jewellery Styling Tip 5: Stack 'em Up!

When in doubt, layer it up! Spice up an elegant look with a juxtaposition of 2 stackable rings. The result? An eye-catching mix of shapes that’ll help your outfit shine.

Photo: the amazing Michèle Krüsi @ The Fashion Fraction

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