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Mix & Matching Pearl Stud Earrings

As you may already know, we always recommend jewellery made from real, high quality materials. The reason is simple: you get to wear them for a long time and, their value does not diminish as they age. For us here at McFarlane Fine Jewellery, quality means 18ct gold, because that is the ideal balance between gold purity and strength. Add to that the beauty of natural pearls and you get unbeatable (and super chic) designs!

That said, let’s look at some graceful ways of mix & matching your 18ct pearl stud earrings. Please note that these mixes require multiple piercings - if you don’t have them, read this instead.

Option #1: The Linear Progression

Here is an instinctive way of creating an ear assortment. Start with the pair of regular-sized pearl earrings that you would usually wear and build your way up the ear with studs in increasingly smaller sizes. This mimics the appearance of an ear cuff in a new and interesting way.

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Option #2: The Power Duo

If option #1 feels like too much, you could quiet things down by removing the smallest stud. This way, you add just a touch of interest by tiptoeing the line between expected and ornate - the perfect duo for a day full of activities.

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Option #3: BIGsmall

Going up or down in size increments is all well and good, but if you're looking to create some contrast you have to embrace the extremes. For those days when you feel bold and adventurous, consider pairing an oversized pearl stud with a micro one. The eye will be drawn to the larger pearls, with the micro one serving as a delicate, off-centred counterpoint.

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