3 Ways To Wear The Baroque Pearl Chocker

3 Ways To Wear The Baroque Pearl Chocker

Pearls are timeless, dependable, infallible. Does that make them a bit… boring? Not at all! Actually, the fact that they’re such a solid choice allows you to lean out over the edge and try new things in complete safety.

And when it comes to necklaces in particular, you can freely experiment with bold, irreverent and unexpected mixes, as long as your starting point is a classic 18ct gold pearl chocker.

Ahead, find three styling ideas that will keep your instincts sharp and their interest peaked…

Style Idea #1: Bold + Sleek

Counter the stark and rhythmical presence of your 18ct gold pearl necklace with its exact opposite: a fine and flowy chain link necklace.

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Such a pairing works best when there's a significant difference in length between the two. This way, they will rest at different levels: one at the base of your neck and down the collar bone, the other higher up. They won’t get tangled and they will stand out through their distinct, yet complimentary personalities.

Style Idea #2: Bold + Colourful

The next style idea for your pearl necklace? Add a dash of colour to the mix!

Choose a gemstone necklace with similar proportions, length and cadence. This way, the contrast will be solely one of texture and colour, resulting in an energetic, yet elegantly curated statement.

From a practical point of view, it’s best to select necklaces with matching clasps. Link them together to create a new, unstoppable and deeply personal approach, with the added benefit that there’s no risk of the gemstones brushing up against the pearls and damaging them.

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Style Idea #3: Bold + Sleek + Colourful

Sometimes, you’ll feel like turning the dial all the way up to 11. Well, there’s a jewellery combination for those days as well.

Take all the input from idea #1 and idea #2 and mash them together into a single look! Then take the innovation further by switching one of the heavier necklaces into a bracelet and the result will be a glamorous, full-hearted expression of your personal style.

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