Love You to the Bone

Inspired by the the saying "like a dog with a bone" the Love You to the Bone (LYB) collection is an exciting new addition to the Li Jewellery range. Designed for the people who exude an air of quiet confidence with an understated and unique style, this collection focuses on the individuality of the wearer and how they incorporate these delicate yet edgy pieces into their own look. 

Love You to the Bone (LYB) Collection from Love Is - Real Jewellery on Vimeo.

With two distinct styles for both the men's and women's collections, these playful pieces champion the versatility of silver with one of three finishes: matt, polished or black.

Named after the corresponding bones in the body, the pieces are entitled 

  • The B'Os Rings: Created from one Bone combined with os (the Latin term for bone) to form B'Os (pronounced boss) 
  • The Phalanx Rings: Produced from lots of little bones, like the phalanx bones found in your fingers, this ring is entitled the Phalanx Ring.
  • The Carpus Cufflinks & Bracelet: Both worn around the wrist these pieces are named after the collection of bones found in your wrist known as the "carpus"
  • The Collar Bone Necklace is named after the bone it so delicately sits on.  

The women's collection consists of The Little B'Os Ring, The Little Phalanx Ring and The Collar Bone Necklace. These delicate pieces can be layered and mixed and matched to create a multitude of different looks and vibes. 

Worn together, alone or on varying fingers, these playful pieces are an excellent addition to any jewellery collection.


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The men’s collection was created with the quiet rebel in mind. The Carpus Cufflinks, The B'Os Ring, The Phalanx Ring and The Carpus Bracelet exude masculinity and can be dressed up or down to suit the mood and style of the wearer.

Available in a variety of different finishes and sizes the men's collection makes an excellent base to any growing jewellery collection. 

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The LYB launch would not have been possible without our wonderful creative team who have worked hard to make it a success. We would like to thank our: 

Models: Lucas, Jana & Thoraya 

Photographer: Elena Catsicas ( 

Videographer: Casper van Laer (, 

Music Producer: blaqkongo (blaqkongomusic@gmail.com

Hair & Make- up Artist: Nada Farhat

You have all been a pleasure to work with and we can not thank you enough!

Till the next collection,

LYB the Li Team

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