Our Huggies Come In A New Size (And They’re On Sale)

Our Huggies Come In A New Size (And They’re On Sale)

Uncomplicated and chic, simple yet attractive, fun but understated, huggies are a must-have in every jewellery collection. You can mix and match them with other earrings, or they can become that single pop of shine that powers you through the day.

Which is great news for you if you love them as much as we do: recently, we have taken ours to a new level by adding a new size to the mix…

Shop the Medium Huggies, now on sale.

By definition, huggies are earrings that closely… well, hug the earlobe. (You know it’s a huggie and not a loop when there is no space left between the earlobe and the earring.) 

But the span that a huggy has to encompass increases and decreases even on your own ear. Small earrings go higher up, where the ear is narrower. And medium or large earrings make sense lower down: on the earlobe or close to it.

A linear progression. Shop the look, L-R:


What’s more is that the distance between the piercing and the edge of the ear changes from person to person. All this means that a snug fit always calls for a size variation. Hence our latest addition.

The new medium-sized huggies are diamond-encrusted and made from 18ct white or yellow gold - just like their smaller counterparts. And they’re on sale right now while stocks last. Shop our sales and enjoy the snug, comfortable fit.

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