When I Travel: Priscila Betancort

In our recently-launched series, “When I Travel”, we further the conversation around jewellery and travel with some of our favourite influencers.

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In this edition, Spanish fashion blogger Priscila Betancort of MyShowroom answered our questions about her travel inspirations, favourite jewellery and more. Read on for the full Q&A.


My favourite holiday to date:


My first piece of jewellery was:

A bracelet gift from my father. Well, the first one it was my baby earrings, but I remember the bracelet like something very beloved.

Island life or a city break?

I need the island life to reset myself and start over. I'm an island girl so I feel comfortable surrounded by the sea and walking on the sand but I love to live in the city. (I need the island life just a few times of the year).

Next on my travel list:

Travel to Kenya (I would love it!) It was my dream on my honeymoon, but I was pregnant and a bit scared because of the vaccinations, so I hope to visit soon.

What inspires you to choose your next travel destination?

Sometimes I need to discover new places and other ones we love to repeat nice destinations… I think that we are lucky to live in Europe and have on hand amazing destinations with a lot of history, stunning architecture and gorgeous spots to shoot… I think what inspires me to choose a travel [destination] is to find amazing places to photograph.

What are your top tips for the stylish girl on-the-go?

I think that there is an only tip: to have an organised closet and that's it.
And (of course) don't forget to care about your skin, hair and nails.

My airport ritual begins with:

I never travel with makeup and I always hydrate the skin with my creams every two hours, more or less, and drink a lot of water. 

Top of my bucket list for 2018:

To have a lot of work with My Showroom and to have a lot of time with my baby.

My favourite restaurant in Madrid:

I love to go to Bosco de Lobos, because of the food and the lovely place.

When Luca grows up I want to take him to…

Around the world. I think that we are on the way right now! In a few months we’ll travel to Tokyo. I want to show him the world and I would love that [he] became a free person. It's very important to me that Luca knows there are different cultures, different thoughts and religions. It’s important to us that he knows that always there are two versions and we need to know both to choose one side.


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