What To Wear With Pearls

Cultured or natural, fresh water or salt water, pearls are the Little Black Dress of the jewellery world. We’ve said it before and we stand by it fully.

Just like with a Little Black Dress, it’s all about how you style your look. And we have some suggestions precisely on what to wear with pearls…

What To Wear With Pearls: The New Classic

Wearing pearls with other pearls is a classic styling principle. A pair of drop earrings and a long, matching necklace, for example.

But what would it take to make this principle relevant today?

The most intuitive answer is to opt for pieces with a contemporary feel. Namely, you could swap the long necklace with a sleek chocker. It will still match your earrings, but the result will look contemporary.

For everyday wear, complete the look with a T-shirt, jeans, mules, an oversized trench coat and a straw basket.

Baroque Pearl Chocker

What To Wear With Pearls: Subtle Styling

And, while pearls are fantastic on their own, there is a way to spice them up further, should you wish to: with precious gemstones. Captivating rubies, gorgeous emeralds or even something tamer like clear zircon are wonderful companions for pearls.

Off-white pearls go surprisingly well with rubies and emeralds, as the contrast between the deep reds and the powerful greens adds a whole new dynamic. Similarly, black pearls work well with zircon, a day-to-night pairing that is as long lasting as the materials it’s made of.

It may sound tame, but a pop of colour or shine goes a long, long way.

Wear this combination with a black pant suit featuring a sleek, belted blazer and strappy, minimalist sandals.

Emerald & Pearl Earrings

What To Wear With Pearls: Avantgarde

Striking. Playful. Intriguing.

Not the words we’d frequently use to describe pearl jewellery.

And yet pearls do have the full potential to be conversation-starters if they are part of intricate, energetic jewellery pieces. The key is to seek out imperfections and turn them into the voice, the expression that brings the jewellery piece out from the decorum and straight onto the centre stage. Such variations from the norm could be either in the pearls themselves, or, if the pearls stay perfectly round, in the accompanying designs.

Wear your pearl-dotted fine jewellery with silk-satin dresses, sky-high metallic sandals and translucent accessories.

The Nest Ring

Emerald & Baroque Pearl Necklace

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