5 Unique Fine Jewellery Rings To Fall In Love With

5 Unique Fine Jewellery Rings To Fall In Love With

Lemon Citrine Duet Ring

Rings - too many, never enough? We say yes, especially when the selection you’re putting together has the boldest, shiniest and most delightful designs out there.

It’s no secret that a carefully styled ringscape that spans all your fingers is the ultimate power move.

So let’s take a quick look at our current favourites: 5 unique fine jewellery rings that will pretty much make you forget there’s any other type of jewellery to consider.

The Stop-and-Stare Ring

Lemon Citrine Duet Ring by McFarlane Fine Jewellery

Lemon Citrine Duet Ring

We all have them: those unique statement pieces that have no problem shining on their own because their star power is really that big. In our case, the star of the show for this category is undoubtedly a Duet Ring.

Each Duet Ring is made by hand in our workshop in Switzerland out of 18ct yellow gold and carefully engraved with a unique number, making the final piece exclusive to its owner.

The Not-Even-Trying Cool Ring

Triple Little Phalanx Ring

For days when you want to make a splash, but don’t want to commit to large gemstones, there is a ring that will get you there with endless metallic shine.

The Triple Little Phalanx Ring is the boldest piece yet in our Love You to the Bone collection. Casting the same unapologetic energy, it adds a geometric allure to your ring selection, while also being a stark conversation-starter.

The Diamonds-For-Breakfast Ring 

Diamond Encrusted Little Phalanx Ring by McFarlane Fine Jewellery

Diamond Encrusted Little Phalanx Ring

We can never have enough of diamonds and we suspect that’s the same for you. Which is why you’ll fall in love with the Diamond Encrusted Little Phalanx Ring. Handcrafted to perfection, its figurative design comes to life thanks to the 70 (seventy!) diamonds that cover its surface.

It’s the perfect piece to mix and match with the other rings in your collection.

The Structural Ring

18ct yellow gold Beehive Peridot Ring by McFarlane Fine Jewellery

Beehive Peridot Ring

If you’re in the market for one-of-a-kind rings, you’re going to love this statement maker! Created to resemble a "beehive" honeycomb out of 18ct yellow gold, it is embellished with 35 round peridots in a gorgeous structural pattern.

Wear this gorgeous ring on its own to give it space to shine.

The Hidden Power Ring

Diamond Encrusted Quote Un-Quote Mini Spiral Ring by McFarlane Fine Jewellery

Diamond Encrusted "Quote Un-Quote" Mini Spiral Ring

If you like to zig when others zag, you’ll appreciate this whimsical take on the simple knuckle ring.

The playful design was created to uplift your mood in the same way your favourite quotes do. A slight shift in its silhouette allows the two quotation marks to mimic the position of their literal counterparts, while their surface shines with 12 beautiful diamonds - 6 for each.

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