The Top Classic Jewellery Pieces You’ll Wear On Repeat

Far from the off-again, on-again love affair with trends, there is a type of jewellery that you can confidently invest in: classics.

They never go out of style, so any well-calculated investment will last you a lifetime and will only become more valuable over the years.

Let’s see the top contenders…

#1 Top Classic Jewellery Piece: Pearl… Well, Anything!

In recent years, there’s been a resurgence in interest for pearls and for good reason: these classics have valiantly stood the test of time. Today, they are part of everything from minimal pieces to quirky designs, providing their versatility and timeless appeal.

So there’s really no excuse: every girl must own a piece of jewellery that features pearls.

Our top suggestion?

A fabulous pair of pearl earrings:

Shop The Big Pearl Studs

#2 Top Classic Jewellery Piece: A Gold, Dainty Chain

Necklaces are one investment area that can easily go wrong if you take after trends. Good thing there is one classic piece you will never regret betting on: a gold chain.

Just throw one over your T-shirt in the early hours of the morning and rush out the door. And then wear it again at nighttime with a simple LBD.

Photo credit: Alison wearing the Angel & Little Chilli Necklace

Whichever your preferences, keep this in mind: always invest in quality.

As jewellers, we recommend 18ct gold as the perfect balance between purity and durability - all of our gold pieces are made from this, and that includes this Angel and Chilli Necklace:


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#3 Top Classic Jewellery Piece: A Statement Maker

Suggesting statement jewellery as a classic might have you scratching your head… but it’s true!

Choose it carefully and purposefully, and this too could be a piece that you’ll pass on as a family heirloom.

The key to picking the best one for you is to think about your preferences and personal style.

Our suggestion? A fabulous sparkling ring that’s versatile and easy to wear:


Bonus Top Classic Jewellery Piece: A Diamond Band

Whether you’re team dainty or team statement, a diamond band can easily become a forever piece.

Wear yours by itself for a minimal, dainty look or stack it up with as many rings as you like for a more decadent feel - there’s no right or wrong way to wear it!

Pictured: two of our White Gold & Diamond Rings, as worn by @barbarakle.

Shop the look:

Pair of White Gold Diamond Rings

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