Timeless Jewellery Pieces Worth Investing In

Even the most trend-driven shopaholics need to have some classically elegant pieces to fall back on.

After all, there’s nothing like a timeless jewellery piece that you just KNOW you can count on to stylistically save the day.

If you’re looking to refine your own list, read on: we’ve got the essentials all laid out here. 


A Dainty Gold Necklace To Wear With Anything From Tees To Silk Tops

Universally flattering, chic without even trying and unparalleled in charm: a simple gold necklace should be a staple in your jewellery box.

You’ll find that it goes perfectly with your casual brunch look, but also that it can take a silk top to the next level.

Layer more of these (preferably at different lengths) for more visual interest.

Pictured: Angel Necklace

Subtly Shiny Studs To Take You From Day To Night

You simply can’t miss the mark with a pair of trusty studs, even more so when said studs are made with precious gems.

Capable of complimenting any ensemble, haircut or mood, a pair of these can be worn all day at the office, in meetings or simply out and about.

And no need to switch them for something else if you’re heading out at night: they’ll effortlessly compliment a dressier look as well.

Pictured: Light Blue Aquamarine Earrings

A Megawatt Ring To Lift Your Mood And Look

A gem-encrusted ring is a power piece that can easily pull you out of a styling rut.

Unmissable, eye-catching and stunning in its own right, this type of ring has all the potential to become an heirloom.

Wear it on every occasion, formal or not: you’ll see how, in time, you’ll fall in love with its unapologetic presence and start craving it more and more.

Don’t be surprised if you end up wearing it anytime, anywhere. That’s what signature pieces are for. :)

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