3 Daily Wear Earrings You Cannot Miss

3 Daily Wear Earrings You Cannot Miss

Sometimes, all you need to get you through a busy day is jewellery you know you can count on. Beautiful designs will last longer if the materials are high quality and the craftsmanship is on par.

For everyday use, turn your attention to pieces that embody all these characteristics. Bonus points if the designs are as versatile and hard working as yourself. Stuck for ideas? Here are a few pointers to help…

The Essential Hoop

Hoops, especially on the smaller side, have been popping up on everyone’s earlobes, from real life to Instagram. And there is little doubt as to why: their classic design is effortlessly chic and goes well with a variety of looks.

They tend to be particularly popular with those who lean into minimalist aesthetics. But, if paired with an expressive pendant, they can get even seasoned maximalists to jump on board.

Gold Closed Hoop

The Classic Drop

Classic drop earrings consistently stay on top of wish lists for one simple reason: timelessness.

Their honest, organic shape subtly enhances the contours of your face and their colourful or shiny gemstones add that extra touch. Variations are welcome, too. Our latest batch of drop earrings contains laser cut stones which put a textured twist on the classic format. Wear yours with a white blazer for a sharp look.

Laser Cut Amethyst Earrings

The Minimalist Stud

Popular with people from all walks of life, the minimalist stud can go a long way. Regardless of colour and size, it can be worn solo or as part of a multiple piercings mix.

Styling-wise, studs come in a seemingly never-ending assortment. Just here at McFarlane Fine Jewellery, we have subtle pearl studs and a considerable array of rubies, emeralds and other colourful options.

Double Trouble Pearl Earrings

Choose your favourite, wear and enjoy!

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