The Beauty Of Simple Drop Earrings

The Beauty Of Simple Drop Earrings

Drops fall right in the middle when it comes to earrings: they are larger, and with more movement than studs; they are smaller, but more visually present than hoops. This makes them the evergreen choice for work and leisure, for long hair and short.

And the greenest of these evergreens are the simple drop earrings, the ones with no moving parts and a classic silhouette. They consist of a fine, delicate hook and a bulbous, slightly weighted lower part - the drop. This format is widely featured in our catalogue here at McFarlane Fine Jewellery because it allows for so many beautiful variations…

Simple Drop Earrings: Opaque Or Translucent, Coloured Or Not

Ranging from pink to yellow, green and blue, there’s a veritable rainbow of gemstones to choose from. Amethyst, citrine and topaz drops are coloured and almost transparent. Moonstone has a milky, translucent presence. While malachite, opal and amazonite are all opaque and uniquely patterned.

And then there’s pearls. Few things are as elevated as pearl earrings, and one of the best ways to make the most out of them is by wearing them as drop earrings. There is, of course, the can’t-go-wrong classic: white cultured pearls. But we also have a penchant for the more extravagant, more exquisite black pearls, with their unpredictable reflections - sometimes with a green tint, sometimes purple.

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Simple Drop Earrings: Smooth, Matte or Textured

With the material of the drop chosen, the final call is on the surface finish. This is always done with the characteristics of the material in mind. With most gemstones, the default is to ensure a perfect polish for a reflective, premium look. One exception is quartz, which is best rendered in a frosted matte finish.

The other is prasiolite. We found a way to push simple drop earrings into statement territory. Using a precision laser-cutting process, we carved an intricate topography into clear prasiolite drops. The result is a pair of earrings with a complex, eye-catching surface texture that can become the basis of an effortlessly sophisticated look.

Laser Cut Prasiolite Earrings

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