The Chic & Dainty Jewellery Trick That Will Never Get Old

Personalised jewellery is a timeless asset that adds a unique character to your look. Somewhere between micro-trends and perennial statements, bespoke jewellery can provide endless styling options, while also becoming a part of your identity.

Ordering a brand new design is the most comprehensive way of personalising jewellery. A made-to-order piece creates the deepest connection and ensures a perfect match. But, due to the time and resources involved, it does commend a significant commitment from both the jeweller and the client.

The most immediately accessible - and by far the most popular - way of personalising jewellery is engraving. There was a time when having your name on your jewellery was disregarded, but, after several iconic pop moments, it became an unmissable statement. With this in mind, we designed a necklace that makes the customisation process as simple and client-friendly as it gets.

Consisting of a dainty chain and a blank disc, both made of 18ct yellow gold, this is our entry level offer to personalised jewellery. The initials you choose - one or two characters - will be added to the pendant after you’ve had a chance to confirm the font you’d like us to use.

This simple way of giving meaning to your jewellery will subtly whisper “watch me”, leaving a stylish mark in the minds of those who meet you.


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