What A Minimalist Jewellery Collection Looks Like

What A Minimalist Jewellery Collection Looks Like

What is a minimalist jewellery collection? What does it entail? And most of all, how sustainable is it long-term?

When thinking about minimalism, there’s often a temptation to push things to the extremes and make do with little. However, that’s not necessarily the case…

Where To Start

Curating a minimalist jewellery collection means having exactly as many pieces as you need. No more, no less. It is a balancing act. All your pieces should get attention and be in use constantly.

This does not mean, however, that the jewellery pieces themselves have to be minimalist. Just your curation approach.

On a mental level, it means being hyper aware of your choices and making intentional purchases. A tidy and conscious attitude will reflect in the contents of your jewellery box.

The Building Blocks

With this in mind, you could consider the jewellery types that you’re likely to wear the most. Rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets… will you wear one of each? Or more at once? Or cycle them in a weekly rotation?

There’s no absolute answer, of course - just the one that’s right for you. You could even opt out of some categories completely!

But if you are looking for some inspiration as a starting point, here is what a minimalist jewellery collection looks like for us: a bunch of dainty rings, a link chain necklace, a pair of statement earrings, a diamond bracelet.

Diamond Studded White Gold Little Phalanx Ring

Link Chain Necklace

South Sea Earrings


Diamond Studded Bracelet


Where To Stop

And now look again: is there anything that’s likely to be left out, gathering dust on your nightstand for weeks? Maybe you’re always skipping them because they’re no longer in tune with your lifestyle. Or it could just be about numbers - there might be more pieces in there than you can practically get to wear.

Whichever the reason, you might consider archiving those pieces or even letting them go. Your minimalist jewellery collection is complete once it contains the pieces you will wear as often as possible. And nothing more.

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