How To Match Your Earrings To Your Clothes So Your Style Stays On Point

Truth be told, matching your earrings to the clothes you’re wearing might be the very last thing on your list if you’re heading out in a rush or if it’s really early in the morning. But something quite magical happens when a pair of earrings perfectly compliments your look - your face lights up, you look put together and you feel confident.

We’ve put together a quick guide to help you get there without overthinking it.

Matching Earrings With Clothes: The Go-With-Everything Small Earrings

Photo credit: @annamaradan wearing our Big Pearl Studs

Small earrings are tricky: you’ll want a pair that adds charm to your look, but go too small and they’ll fade in. To navigate around this conundrum, you can: 1. switch the colour or 2. switch the size. For example, the smallest of studs in a punchy blue colour will be enough to make an entrance. But for tamer hues, you might want to play with scale: pearl studs, for example, look chic in larger sizes without going overboard.

Our advice: keep a few pairs of various small earrings in constant rotation - this way, you won’t have any trouble finding the perfect ones for your daily looks.

Pair with: embroidered tops, pleated blouses, midi dresses, kitten heels and smart trousers.

Wear it when: going to the office, attending business meetings, running errands.


Matching Earrings With Clothes: The Subtle Hoop

Photo credit: @bangbangblond wearing our Heart Hoops

Hoop earrings are such classics! You likely won’t wear them quite as often as studs, but make no mistake: they will become your favourites for off-duty days. Their easy-going character and subtle dangling back-and-forth is enough to make you feel like you’re floating on a cloud.

Pair with: classic or coloured jeans, crop tops, white shirts, Bardot tops, exuberant maxi dresses, sun hats, sneakers and flat shoes.

Wear it when: going for brunch, shopping, on holiday.

Matching Earrings With Clothes: The Event-Ready Long Drops

Kathleen wearing our Say "Yes" Pearl Earrings

Halfway between statement and dainty, a pair of long drop earrings is the choice to make when you simply don’t know what to wear with a dressy look. We all know the challenge: you’ve picked out your outfit and your shoes and you’ve had your hair done, then you proceed to spend way too much time holding various pairs of earrings up to your earlobes and evaluating the effect. Well, with a pair of long drops, you can just skip ahead and have fun at the party.

Pair with: slip dresses, slinky tops and dressy bottoms, midi skirts and spaghetti strap tops, heeled sandals and classic pumps.

Wear it when: attending your best friend’s wedding, on a romantic night out, going to a cocktail party.


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