Jewellery Trends Spring/Summer 2019

Hello 2019! As we look forward to this new year of fashion and style, the go-to rule of thumb is this: when clothes get thinner or shorter, jewellery gets more visually present.

Browse through the top Spring/Summer 2019 trends and shop our must-have selection to stay in tune with the times.

Jewellery Trends Spring/Summer 2019: Layer Up

Stylish knits and coats are not the only things that can be layered. Jewellery too can be stacked and tiered expressively.

Think: a maze of dainty necklaces layered one on top of another to reveal a clash of textures and colours. Or a selection of small earrings scaling up your ear. Or, why not, a stack of delightful bracelets sliding around your wrist.

Sounds like fun? It is! And what’s more is that all this excess of shine and sparkle is fully supported by the Spring/Summer 2019 trends. Consider this an official encouragement to go for the shiniest, brightest jewellery and to wear it all at once.

Aquamarine Necklace With Diamond Encrusted Clasp

Yellow Gold Diamond Huggies (Small)

Jewellery Trends Spring/Summer 2019: Like A Charm

Lately, jewellery trends (and fashion trends in general) have become somewhat less defined than they used to be. We live in a time when everything seems to be trending simultaneously. But, every once in a while, an unexpectedly clear idea comes up and manifests itself strongly enough to be noticed.

For the upcoming season, one such idea is the chic and alluring charm. On the runway, it was seen swinging on bags, belts and bracelets. And it can do so much more! In our interpretation, a small charm can elevate even the simplest pair of hoop earrings:

Angel & Little Chilli Gold Closed Hoops

Jewellery Trends Spring/Summer 2019: Visible Statements

Is your favourite piece of jewellery a ring, a bracelet, a necklace? Or, perhaps, a pair of earrings? For the upcoming season, it doesn't bear much importance. The ultimate trend to keep in mind is that, whatever you are wearing, it has to make a statement.

This doesn’t have to be a matter of scale. It can also be about fine and intricate details, transformable pieces or unique takes on the classics. Going even further, it could mean piling on multiple identical pieces, or, on the contrary, springing for a single piece that’s loud enough to power your entire outfit.

Laser Cut Prasiolite Earrings

Baroque Pearl Chocker

Amethyst Duet Ring

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